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At Mastercraft's RV Center we will help you sell your camper through our remarketing / consignment program. We do not buy campers outright.

You can STOP throwing your money away on classifieds!

LOOK NO FURTHER!!! Help has arrived. Chances are you did not buy your camper from a newspaper ad and most people don’t. They go to a dealer’s lot or locate it on the Internet and then inquire in person.

We work hard to sell your RV. In addition to placing your RV here on our web site, we also run advertisements through Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook and other digital display networks. Your unit will be all over the web! Our inventory gets thousands of views every month.

How do I place My Camper for Sale With Your Company?

The process includes inspecting your camper for the purpose of determining what will be needed to get it ready for sale and also arrive at a value. You can bring your camper to our location. Paper work necessary to complete our consignment agreement includes proof of ownership, loan and insurance information. The entire process normally takes twenty to thirty five minutes.

Are there any up Front Charges?

No up front charges!!!

There are no up front charges. We offer to wash or clean the inside of your RV unit. The cost of this service is based off of the length and condition of your RV. These services are completely optional. We always recommend that you bring your RV in a clean, presentable shape.

How is the Asking Price Established for our RV?

There are several influencing factors:

  • – NADA Appraisal Guide Loan value and the suggested retail price.
  • – Condition of your RV including: tires, batteries, paint, decals, miles, generator hours, RV systems, appliances, carpet and upholstery.
  • After discussing these factors we will mutually arrive at your net amount and a realistic asking price.

We take trades!

This greatly enhances the opportunity to make a sale.

We Provide Competitive RV Financing!

Rate and terms are very low and our most competitive lenders only work directly with dealers.

What is Your Commission?

We don’t charge a commission. We attempt to make our profit over your net agreed amount. In the event a percentage is preferred, we will mutually arrive at one when you bring your RV in for consignment.

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What Makes Us Different    rv dealer google reviews

  • Mastercraft RV Center sold my Rv by consignment. They were very professional, courteous and kind while managing the sale. I was very pleased with their service.
  • I was halfway through an 8000 mile trip and I started having issues with my electrical harness between my coach and tow vehicle. I called Mastercraft and they said bring it in and they’ll look at it. They diagnosed the problem and found a replacement part locally. I’ve not had any issues since. I greatly appreciate how quickly Mastercraft resolved my problem.
  • Had a great experience from start to finish buying my new travel trailer. Bart, Joe, and all of the service crew took care of me the whole way through and gave me a great deal.